What is Cubicl?

Cubicl is the easiest task management application that you can assign tasks to your teams and monitor them. You can see the states of the tasks and the workload of the teammates.

How Cubicl Task Management Application Works?

Task Management

Assign tasks to the teammates and change the states of tasks easily.

On the home page, users see the tasks that are assigned to them or tasks that they follow. So, they do not forget tasks and complete them in time.

Client Management

Add your clients to Cubicl. Track your tasks and deals related to them. Follow related notes and activities.

Project Planning

Create a project plan (Gantt Chart) and follow the plan with your team.

You can easily edit the start date and deadline of tasks on Gantt Chart:

Chat with Your Team

Thanks to chat box in Cubicl, you don't need to send e-mails to your teammates or ask question to them about tasks via phone call. You can make announcements, share files, and communicate with them without using another app.


Completed tasks can be archived. You can access the details, dates, and assignees of archived tasks in the Archive.


Get notifications about activities on your tasks.

You get either desktop notifications at the corner of your screen if Cubicl is running in the background or e-mail notifications if you are not signed in Cubicl.

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