My Calendar

To see your tasks in calendar view.

On this page, you can view the tasks that are assigned to you, or those created or followed by you in different projects in Month, Week, Day, and List views. You cannot view tasks that you are not in.

From the Display Type field, you can list tasks only by deadlines, only by start date, or by task duration.

From the Legend field, you can select the project you want to display.

Creating a Task on Calendar

You can use the Create button or click on an empty day on the calendar to create a new event. When you click it, a form will appear to create an event:

To create an event or a task, select the project you want to add that task to and add the task name. You can add other details if you want.

Editing Task on Calendar

Click the event or task you want to edit in the calendar. The edit form will open. Additionally, you can drag and drop a task on the calendar to another day to change its date.

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