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E-mail to Task

You can import incoming e-mails at your e-mail account to your Cubicl account and you can answer back senders via Cubicl through task activities.

Activate Email Boxes

To use this feature at Cubicl, add Email Boxes to Navigation Menu. For this click Organization > Organization Details > Active Pages. Only the account manager can do it.
Active Pages

Connecting an E-mail Account

You can connect your e-mail account at Email Boxes page and view connected accounts.
E-mail Boxes
Click Add Email Account and choose one of them: IMAP/SMTP Google, Microsoft and Exhange Server (Outlook) and enter the e-mail info.
Adding New E-mail Account
A Settings page will be open when you click OK. Here, enter Email Box Name, choose the project where emails are sent, add assignees who are responsible answering emails and write an Email Signature to add it at the end of the emails.
Setting for the Email
You can edit and delete previously connected e-mails or change the password of them.
NOTE: To connect your e-mail account to Cubicl, you need to give necessary permissions. Permission settings may be different for each email service provider. We add some email service provider settings below. If you cannot connect your email with this info, you can search on the internet to find another solution or contact us via [email protected].
  • Outlook: For SMTP Settings Host: Port: 587 Encryption: TLS
  • YandexMail: Yandex Account> Password and authorization> App passwords> Create a new password> Mail> Name of password for access to Mail. After this a password will be created. Copy that and use it while adding the mail to Cubicl.
  • Gmail: Just click the Sign in with Google button.

Mailing via Cubicl

When an e-mail drops your inbox, a task is created at Cubicl for it. You get a notification.
Email Notification
The Subject line is the name of the task. Incoming Email button shows under the name of the task to seperate incoming mails from created tasks at the Cubicl by you or your teammates. At the activities, name and e-mail of the sender, receivers, e-mail context and file/s are shown. The sender is added as a Client automatically.
Details of an Incoming Mail
There are two buttons at the bottom of the incoming mails. If the content of the e-mail is higher than the maximum height of the activity box, Expand Content button is shown, you can view the entire content by clicking this button.
Show Quote button is displayed in the quoted e-mail contents. By clicking this button, you can view both the quote and the entire content.
Show Quote Button

Ignore Sender

You can ignore senders by selecting the "Ignore Sender" option from the action menu of the task activity. You can also view and edit ignored senders from the action menu of the relevant e-mail box.
Ignore Sender

Black List

You can prevent emails containing certain words from creating a task in Cubicl. To use this feature, open the menu of an email on the Email boxes page and click on the Black List option. The Black List page has two tabs.
On the Emails tab, the email addresses that you have blocked are listed.
On the Words tab, the words that you have blocked are listed. To block a new word/phrase, type a word, click the Add+ button and save it.
The words you have added will be searched in e-mails regardless of uppercase or lowercase letters. From now on, no task will be created in Cubicl for e-mails containing these words in their subject or content. To delete the words you have blocked, you can click the Delete button that appears when you hover your mouse over the word.
Black List
Before sending an e-mail, you can edit sender and To and CC. For this, before clicking send the e-mail, click on the "Edit" button that appears when you hover over the e-mail you write. The e-mail accounts that appear in the From section are only e-mails that you have integrated into Cubicl. You can change the e-mail account (From) and recipients (TO and CC fields) to which the mail will be sent. After making the changes, you can send the e-mail by clicking "Send e-mail".
E-mail: From, To and CC
You can reply to the incoming e-mails from the activities of the task. Your reply is first shown as Not Sent at the corner of your comment. When you hover the mouse over that, the Send as an e-mail button emerges. When you click it, the e-mail will be sent.
Sent E-mail
In the sent e-mail, the name of the assignee who created the activity log in the task will be shown. And added e-mail signature will be at the end of the e-mail.
An Email Sent via Cubicl
  • Emails sent via Cubicl are also added to the Sent box of the email box.
  • Emails created to tasks in Cubicl are marked as read in the email box at your email provider.
  • When you connect your email account to Cubicl, replies to old emails are added to the existing task.
  • A new task is created for every meeting invitation you receive.

Disconnect the E-mail

If you want to disconnect your e-mail account from Cubicl, you can delete it by clicking three dots at the connected e-mail card on E-mail Boxes page. To delete or update the email box, you must either have linked the e-mail yourself or have permission on the page.
Delete Email
You cannot reply to mails via Cubicl after deleting the e-mail account. If you try to send a comment as an e-mail via Cubicl, an error warning will pop up.
E-mail Box Error

Usage Examples

Here, you can find some examples how E-mail Boxes could be used for teams and departments.

Support and Info E-mails

Connect your info, contact or support email accounts. Support team receives those mails as a task and take action easily.
You can answers e-mails from your clients for their requests, or technical problems, or product that they buy. Support team can assign the task to another department, if it is necessary.
Example for Support Team
So, you take action easily and answer emails quickly. Your customers will be pleased with your service.

For Departments

Connect the e-mail addresses of your company such as [email protected], which are used for departments such as human resources, accounting, sales. Imcoming mails related with those department drop related projects in Cubicl.
E-mail senders may not always send emails to the right email accounts. In such cases, you can drag and drop the task to the relevant project. As can be seen in the example below, "Application for React Native Developer" mail is sent to Customer Services department. However, the task is related with Human Resources department, so we drag and drop the task to that team.
Change the Project of Incoming Mail

Human Resources

Connect your career and human resources email accounts to Cubicl. Manage job applications in Cubicl. You can create projects such as Recruitment, Career, Job Applications etc. for incoming mails. In the project where CVs come, you can create task states for interview process. To customize task states in the project, visit the Project Settings page.
Task States for HR Team
You can talk about the applicant with your teammates on task. The activities under the task will not be shown to the email sender unless you click the "send as a email."
Instead of reaching the applicant by phone call or email, you can contact her via Cubicl and follow activities on the task.
Task Activities
You do not have to follow all recruitment process under one task. For example, if pre-interview or team meetings are conducted by different assignees, you can add sub-steps or sub-tasks under the task.
Example Sub-Task
You can manage all recruitment process.
Change the Task States

Internal Requests

Follow up on request from different units, departments or offices of your company. Cubicl is a team communication and task management application for companies, but you do not have to add all departments or employees to your Cubicl account. For short-term tasks, an employee or a deparment can reach you via e-mail and you can manage their requests via Cubicl.
Internal Mailing
You can create tasks in Cubicl from meeting invitations or calendar events sent to you by connecting your personal or work email accounts at Profile page > Email Box Settings tab. Cubicl shows you a notification when you receive an email with a meeting invitation or calendar attachment. From this notification, you can create a task with one click on Cubicl. Emails with a meeting invitation/calendar event and emails with a meeting link for Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet are defined as meeting/event emails. For other e-mails, no action is taken.
From Meeting Link to Task
You can add as many e-mail as you like using your profile page.
Added e-mail account
Cubicl sends you a notification when you receive an e-mail with a meeting invitation/calendar event.
Meeting Notification
You can create a task with only one click on this notification and add the invitation to any project you choose. You can set a time and a date, assign users to these tasks.
Converting an Event Invitation to a Task