Organization Settings

To manage your organization and team.

From this page, you can add or remove members of the organization, edit permissions for members, edit the details of the organization, and manage your subscription.

Account Manager

The person who signs up Cubicl is the account manager. An account manager can make other people account managers, remove herself from the account manager, or be removed by another account manager.

NOTE: If you are not an account manager, you cannot change the settings on this page.

Account Manager vs. Project Admin

  • The Account Manager can add new users to the organization, remove users, and manage subscriptions and payments. Project admin is the person with all the authorities in a project.

  • Being an account manager does not mean being a project admin in all created projects. Members who are not account managers can be an admin in any project.


Invite Members

You can add people to the institution by sharing the link, or by adding e-mails and sending them an invitation.

NOTE: If you invite people via e-mail, do not forget to press the Invite button after adding e-mail/s.


Users are invited people to the organization account. Among users, account managers have a star near their names.

Click on the Show Email Addresses to access the e-mails of all members.

Delete/ Remove Members

To delete a user, simply click three dots near the user and click "remove employee".


You can view all projects, you have created, with their members.

Organization Details

Active Pages on the Navigation Menu

You can select which pages appear in the Navigation > Others tab. It is recommended to simplify your organization account.

Subscription and Payment

To start a monthly or yearly subscription after your demo ends, you must add your credit card info and choose one of the plans.

  • Monthly subscription fees are calculated at the end of every 30 days based on the number of users and the number of days they were registered in Cubicl. You can add and remove users any time you wish.

  • You need to choose the number of users for the yearly subscription when subscribing to a plan. If you need to add more users to your account in the future, you will be able to do so by contacting us at You will only be charged for the amount of time the new users will be on Cubicl.

  • You get a 20% discount for yearly subscription.

  • If you have 25 or more users, you will get an additional discount. Click Subscribe button to see the discount rate.

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