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To communicate with the team.
If you want to view your individual and team chats in a large size, you can click on the Chat button on the navigation menu; if you want to view them as notifications, you can click on the Messages button on the above; or if you would like to view them as tiny boxes, you can find them through the right menu.

You can directly chat with users who have signed up Cubicl. You cannot chat with those who are not invited to the organization account.

In Cubicl, chat groups are created for teams, departments, groups, and projects. When a project is created, the project chat also is created automatically.

If you want to create a group chat other than project chats, you can click on the New Chat Group, and add members and the name of the group.
Chat Group

You can select the specific message that you want to reply by clicking the arrow in the message box.

You can minimize the chat window by clicking on the name of the person or chat group. The chat will be seen with an icon of the person or the project.
Minimizing and Files Sharing

You can send images or files via chat, regardless of the file types.

You can pin important messages and/or announcements to the top of the chatbox so that the message will be seen by everyone.
Pinned Message

You can search keywords in messages to find important messages quickly. When you click the message you are searched at the openned window near the message window, you can see previous and next messages of it.
Search in Messages

You can delete messages by clicking the arrow next to the message you sent.
Delete Message

You can archive your individual or group chats or unarchive them if you need.
Navigate to the conversation you want to archive. Click on the three dots above the conversation and click on the Archive Chat Thread button.
Archive Chat Thread
When you want to restore the chat thread from the archive or access the chat thread, you can access the chat thread by selecting Go to Archive from three dot near the Messages Menu.
Restore the Chat
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