How Do I Track My Tasks?

To track your tasks, the Home Page is enough. When you sign in Cubicl, the first thing you see is the Home Page, and it consists of 2 columns: the timeline is on the left, and reports and tasks are on the right.


On the timeline, tasks you need to do are sorted by their deadlines. Also, they are grouped as: Overdue, Today, Tomorrow, This Week, Next Week, This Month.

The timeline shows short notes about your tasks. When you click on the title of a task, you will be directed to the detail page of the task. Completed tasks are removed from the timeline.


To see a task in the timeline, it should have at least a deadline. Tasks without a deadline are shown in the tasks column on the Home Page. Here, tasks are grouped by their types: Assigned to You and Created by You.


Reports field on the Home Page shows states of tasks and users' workloads for a time period of your choice. Also, if a teammate is tracking time, it is shown to you. For a more detailed report, you can click Go to the report page button.

Purpose of the Home Page

Thanks to the Home Page, you never forget your tasks. You can see the upcoming tasks so that you can get prepared and plan according to them. Yours and your team's main goal is to keep this page as short as possible by completing all of the tasks on the Home Page.

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