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To view and add time-offs and holidays.

Public Holidays View

Public holidays are shown on the Gantt Chart, Timeline, and Calendar pages. Public holidays are available on Cubicl by default.
National Holidays on Calendar

Adding Time-Offs

Time-offs can be added both for organization and members via the Time-Offs page on the Navigation Menu. Only account managers have the authority to add them.

Organization Time Offs

Organization Time Offs are shown on the Gantt Chart, Timeline Chart, and Calendar of the project. In this way, while assigning tasks, you can check who is available.
Organization Time Offs

Member Time Offs

Member time offs are shown on the Timeline Chart.
Member Time Offs

Time Off Requests

From this field, users can submit their time offs for the approval of their admins. To add a time off, select the reason, the date and which project admin you want to submit it for approval from the Member Time Offs field on the Time Offs page and create the time off.
Time Off Request
A notification will be sent to the project admin you have selected regarding your time off request. The admin can access the request by clicking the notification or the "Incoming Time Off Requests" field at the top right of the Member Time Offs field. If the related setting is activated from the profile page, an e-mail will be sent to the admin about the time off request.
Incoming Time Off Requests
When the admins clicks on the notification, they will be directed to the Time Offs page and the "Incoming Time Off Requests" button will be displayed at the top right of the Member Time Offs field. Clicking this button opens the request detail window and the admin can approve or reject requests from this field. After the admin approves or rejects the request, a notification will be sent to the user who created the time off request.
NOTE: You cannot delete pending time off requests after creating them, only the admin can approve or reject them.

View of Time Offs

On the Timeline Chart:

Time offs for the organization and the members are shown on the timeline chart of a project:
Time Offs on Timeline Chart

On the Gantt Chart:

If the dates of the time-off and tasks in the Gantt Chart overlap, updating the task is recommended. Here you can change the date of the task or the assignee of it. For more detailed information, visit the Gantt Chart page.
Recommendation to Update