Tips for Planning a Project

Create Tasks

Whether you create tasks on the Gantt Chart or the Tasks page in the project, add related tasks with your project to the Gantt Chart.

Spend Time to Plan

Gantt Chart is the most practical way to make plans. However, making plans takes time. Well-thought plans will make your works easier, in the future. That is why it is better for you to spent time well for making plans. The time you allocated here will prevent obstacles in your plan.

Track Tasks

When you open the project, check Gantt Chart page. Colors on the lines shows you overdue, active, and completed tasks. If you are using Gantt Chart for task management, after checking completed tasks and archiving them, you can remove them from Gantt Chart. If you are using it for project management, it is better to not remove completed tasks in the Gantt Chart to see unit of the project.

Edit the Chart

You should add new tasks or some tasks may not be completed on time. In that case, edit and update the project plan, regularly.

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