Bookkeeping allows you to keep records of receivables and payables. In this way, you can see from whom how much payment you should receive, when the payment will be due, which payments are late and how much you owe to whom.

To use the Bookkeeping page, add it to the Navigation Menu from Organization> Organization Details> Active Pages.

You can access Bookkeeping page by clicking Navigation Menu>Other>Bookkeeping buttons.

In the upper menu of the page, Total Receivable, Outstanding Receivable, Overdue Receivable and Total Payable values are displayed respectively.

Outstanding, Overdue and Paid Receivables and Payables are listed below, respectively.

Creating Receivable and Payable

Click Create button to create a new Receivable or Payable.

On the Create Entry page, select the Client. Select the type of entry. Receivable is what your client owes you. Payable is your debt to the client. Enter the total cost and currency. Fill in the entry name and description. Enter the due date. If some or all of the amount you entered has been paid before, enter this information in Amount Paid section. And click Save button.

Adding and Editing Payments

You can add payments to the entries you create or edit them by clicking on the entry.

When you click Add Payment, you can enter both the all amount and partial.

Activity Logs

All activities related to payables, receivables and payments that you add are recorded.

User Permissions

You can give the permission to users from Clients Page>User Permissions field.

  • "View" to view,

  • "Create and Contribute" for adding and updating current accounts and delete receivables and payables,

  • "Create, Edit and Delete" for adding, updating and delete current accounts.

Bookkeeping on the Client's Portal Page

In the Client Portal of your customers, their payables and receivables are listed under the Invoices heading. Your receivables are on their page as a payables, your payables are on their page as a receivables. The following image shows a customer's client portal page.

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