Get to Know Cubicl

Learn menus and pages in Cubicl.

Cubicl is easy to use for task management. As a first step, create an account in Cubicl and your free demo will be started. Then, begin to explore Cubicl.

Create an Account and Invite Your Team

To use Cubicl, firstly, you have to have a user account. Cubicl is a task management application for teams; therefore, after creating your user account, the application will ask you to create an Organization Account. For this, you need to add a company or team name only.

Then, you can invite your team to the application. You can do this while creating an organization account or later. You only need to write e-mail addresses to invite team members. Invitation mail will be sent to them. Those who click on the link in the invitation mail and sign up Cubicl are added to your organization. You are ready to work together.

When you sign in Cubicl, you will see a screen like this:

On the Top Menu, you will see a time tracker, messages and notifications short-cuts, and help and logout buttons. There are some pages on Navigation Menu on the left, Messages and Notes on the Right Menu, and your tasks in the middle.

Under the Other button on Navigation Menu, you can add features that you will use or remove them from the list.

To do this, click on the Other> Edit Pages buttons, select the features you will use, and click Done:

You can decide which features will be added to the Other Button on the Organization> Organization Details> Active Pages:

Home Page

Home Page shows the tasks you need to do. Tasks that you create, tasks that are assigned to you, and tasks that you follow are listed there.

My Calendar

View your tasks in different projects on the My Calendar page. Also, you can create tasks there.


Communicate with team and team members.


Create projects for your teams, departments, projects or groups. In this way, each project can follow related tasks in a related project. You can order your projects according to your organization/firm hierarchy. After you sign up Cubicl, you will see just one project under the Projects headline in Navigation Menu. This project is your main project which implies your organization/firm. All of your teammates will be members of this project after you invite them.


It is under Other Button. Add your clients to Cubicl. After you create, you can create tasks and deals about them.


It is under Other Button. Add deals that you offer to your clients.

Email Boxes

It is under Other Button. Connect your business emails such as, to Cubicl. Thus, your e-mails are created as a task in Cubicl. You can work under that task with your teammates and reply to e-mails from Cubicl.


It is under Other Button. Integrate Cubicl with apps like Google Drive, Google Calendar and Slack.


It is under Other Button. Create forms to collect information about tasks or conduct surveys within the team.

Client Portal

It is under Other Button. Share links with your clients to collect their support requests. When they create a request, a notification drops to your Cubicl account. In addition to that, you can share tasks and files with them via Client Portal.


It is under Other Button. Use the Workflows to create sequential and interrelated tasks. If you have routine tasks that follow each other, workflows make task management easier.

Time Offs

It is under Other Button. Add time offs for the organization and the teammates.


It is under Other Button. Invite your team to Cubicl and arrange your organization's setting.

Profile Page

Arrange your profile and notification settings.

Right Menu

You can see your teammates there, chat with them, and create little notes. You can arrange menu visibility by clicking on the little setting button. To see the hidden menu, mouse over the little speaking balloon.

Top Menu

There are time tracker, notifications, messages, and help and logout buttons on the Top Menu.

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