How to Create a Task?

When you click on the Create button on the Tasks page of the project, a modal opens to create a task. Additionally, you can create tasks from the following pages:

  • By clicking on an empty row at the bottom of the Gantt Chart page of the project.

  • On the Calendar page of the project, by clicking the Create Task button or clicking on any day.

  • On the My Calendar page in the left navigation menu, by clicking on any day.

  • By clicking the Create button on the task details page of any task.

Details Tab in Create Task Modal

When creating a task, all fields except Task Name are optional. On the task details page, you can enter description, priority, start date and deadline of the task, tags, client, and assignees. In the Owner section, your profile is shown as you are the one creating the task. Ownership can be edited after creating the task.

If you want tasks to appear on the Timeline on users' Home Page, you should at least add deadline to the task.

When adding a client, you can either create a new client at that moment or select from your existing clients.

To add a user as an assignee, that user must have been invited to the organization account and accepted the invitation. You can confirm if the user is in the organization by going to Other > Organization page.

Estimated Time

In addition to the fields mentioned above, you can also add an Estimated Time field to the Details tab. For this, the Project Admin needs to go to the Project Settings page and enable the feature.

Additional Task Form Fields

In addition to the fields mentioned above, if you want to add custom fields specific to your work, the project admin should go to the Project Settings page and add the additional fields. Once saved, these additional fields will appear on the Details page of the respective project.

Files Tab in Create Task Modal

You can upload files to the task both from your computer and from Google Drive or Dropbox.

Note: The files you add to the task will be visible within the task. They will not be added to the Files page of the project.

Steps Tab in Create Task Modal

You can add Subtask or Progress Bar to divide the task into smaller parts and track progress.

Substeps in Task

When dividing the task into substeps, you must name them. You can enter a description, progress bar, substep, and assignee for the substep.

Progress Bar in Task

If you want to divide the task numerically instead of dividing it into substeps with custom names and descriptions, you can simply enter the number of substeps.

The assignee can enter the number of completed task steps on the task details page. As the number of substeps is completed, the task bar turns green.

Recurrence Tab in Create Task Modal

This tab is for creating regularly recurring tasks.

When you check the "Make the task recurrent" option, specify the time interval. For example, every 3 days, every Friday every 4 weeks, once every 12 months, etc.

Choose when the new recurring task will created:

  • After the end date of the current task. Even if the current task is not completed, a new task is created regularly.

  • When the current task is completed. A new task is not created until the current task is completed. Task delay prevents the regular creation of new tasks.

Specify the repetition limit:

  • Task repeats continuously.

  • Task repeats until a date I specify.

  • Task repeats a number of times I specify.

Other Tab in Create Task Modal

Hidden Task

When you select the option for only the assignees can see the task, only the users who created the task and the assignees can see the task.

Adding Workflow to Task

You can add workflows previously created here to the task. Visit the Workflows page to learn more about the workflow.

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