Home Page
To view all tasks you need to do.
The home page shows you a list of the tasks you need to do. Tasks are shown here in timeline, so that, they are neither unnoticed nor forgotten.
Home Page


Tasks in Timeline

Here, tasks with a deadline are sorted chronologically. If a task has both a start date and a deadline, it is along with its duration. Tasks without a specific time are not shown on the timeline.
On the cards of the tasks on the home page, task name, name of the main task -if the task is a sub-task-, task's project, client -if tagged-, state, dates, and assignees are shown. Colors at the top of the tasks illustrate the priority of the task.
You can go to the task detail page by clicking on the task card.
A Task on the Timeline

Hiding Tasks on the Timeline

Only tasks waiting to be done are shown on the timeline. Completed or archived tasks are not shown here. However, if you want to hide a task, click on the cross symbol that appears when you mouse over to the task card. This action does not delete the task but hides it from the timeline.
NOTE: You cannot bring back the tasks that you hid; so think twice, before hiding a task on the timeline.


Reports are placed on the right of the home page. Here, you can view how many tasks each user has or have a rough idea about tasks on a project in a time period you choose. If your team members are tracking time, here you can see who is working on which project and on which task, live:
Member Activity on a Task
For more comprehensive reports, you can go to the Reports page of the project.


On the right column of the home page, tasks assigned to you and assigned or followed by you are listed. While only tasks with a deadline are shown on the timeline, here, all of the tasks, have them a deadline or not, are shown here. You can view tasks without a deadline by clicking on the Deadline.
States of the tasks are shown with a colored round icon on them. Pending tasks are orange and active tasks are green. Also, you can view the name of the states by mouse-over the icon.
List of Tasks
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