Features Of Gantt Chart

Tasks List

It is placed on the left of the Gantt Chart. Task names are lined up. On each line, a task is placed. Next to each task, there is a sequence number:

If you click on name of a task on this menu, you will be directed to the details page of the task.

Creating New Task

There is an input line at the bottom of the list to create a new task. By clicking on this line, you can create a new task. When you do it, a taskbar emerges. There is a cancel button on the left of the task name. By dragging and stretching out the taskbar placed on the time grid lines, you can arrange the task's start date and deadline.

If there are previously created tasks that you want to add to the Gantt Chart, click on the " There are ... tasks not included in this table. Click to show/hide" at the bottom of the chart. When you mouse-over the task you want to add, "Add to Chart" button will show up. In this way, you can add tasks previously created.

Creating New Task Group

On Gantt Chart, you can create tasks one by one and list them. If you want, you can group tasks connected to each other under the Task Groups.

To create a new task group, click on the setting button next to the "New Task" line. Then, select "Task Group" option:

Now, you can type the name of the task group on the place used to type the task name. Unlike tasks, a taskbar is not created immediately.

When there is a task under a task group, a gray bar is shown. This bar shows start dates and deadlines of all of the tasks under a task group.

Task groups have an interbedded structure. You can create task groups under a task group.

Sorting Tasks and Task Groups

If you want, you can change the sorting of the Gantt Chart by dragging and dropping tasks and task groups.

Removing Tasks and Task Groups from Gantt Chart

To remove tasks and/or task groups that are not necessary anymore or you do not need them to be in the project, mouse-over the number on the left of the task name. A cross sign will replace the number. You can remove the task by clicking on this cross sign.

NOTE: Removing a task from Gantt Chart does not delete it. It will still be on the tasks page of the project. If you want to delete a task completely, use delete button on the task edit form or task details page. Tasks deleted through this way will be removed both from the tasks page and the Gantt Chart.

Time Grid


Time Grid is placed on the right of the Gantt Chart and it visualizes dates of tasks. Time Grid offers you two types of view: daily and weekly view.

Holidays are shown in gray columns in Time Grid. You can set work days and work hours for your team via the Gantt settings menu.

Daily View

In this view mode, each column demonstrates a day.

Weekly View

In this view mode, each column illustrates a week. Each column is split into sub-columns to show days. It is more appropriate to view long-term projects.

Components of Gantt Chart


Each task is shown as a bar. By looking at this bar, you can get informed about its start date, deadline, duration, completion level, and so forth. A whole taskbar is shown in dark color when its completion level reaches 100%.

Gantt Chart Task-bar Colorizing Tool

To colorize taskbars on the Gantt Chart one by one, click on the "Colorize" button. A colorization tool will pop up:

Select one of the colors shown. Then, click on the taskbar you want to colorize. Later on, click on "OK" button. If you click on the rubber button and then on the taskbar, the colors of the taskbar will be deleted and turned to the default color. In Cubicl, blue is the default color for tasks.

Editing Task

Click on the taskbar to edit the task. Task editing form will be opened. Here, you can edit and/or delete the task.

Dragging Tasks

Gantt Chart is an interactive tool. You can drag and drop task-bars to change their dates. Duration will not change while dragging tasks.

You can change a task's duration by stretching it out from its right side.

Creating New Task

You can create a new task by clicking on the "New Task" line on the Time Grid. A create task form will be opened to create a task for the day you clicked.

Task Group Bars

Task group bars are shown as gray bars. The start and end date of these bars are set as the start and end date of the tasks below them. It takes shape according to the dates of the tasks.

Clicking on the task group bar opens an edit form. Through this form, you can change the task group name and the color of the tasks under the task group.

To complete a task, other tasks must be done before. The next task cannot start until these tasks are finished. You can link tasks to show this connection. In this way, when a task's date changes, the dates of other task that is linked to that task are also automatically updated. To create a link, click the dot on the right side of a task and drag it on the dot that is on the left side of another task.

More than one link can be added to a task. There can be multiple links from one task to other tasks.

Clicking on a link opens the edit connection form. From here you can put a time period between two tasks or delete the link. By default, the time period is zero. That is, the next task starts immediately after the previous task is completed.

Hidden-Visible Components

You can make some components in the Gantt Chart visible or hidden by clicking the eye button at the top of the Gantt Chart.


Users are listed on the right of the task-bar. This way you can see the assignees.

Completion Dates

On Gantt, the completion date of the task is shown by a yellow icon. Thus, the difference of time between planned and completion dates can be understood.

Task Status Colors

In Cubicl, the lines of the Gantt Chart are colored so that you can see the status of the task. Red for overdue tasks, blue for active tasks, green for completed tasks, and gray for archived/ suspended/ canceled tasks.

Date Changes

Date changes made in task's detail page can be seen on the Gantt. In this way, you can understand what changes have happened in the previously planned project.

Recommendation to Update Gantt Chart According to Time-Offs

After time-offs added to members, if time-offs and dates of tasks are overlapping, a warning appears in the below the chart saying "You have update recommendation for ...task".

You can change the task dates that overlap with time-offs, or you can assign another member instead of the assigned member on leave. For this, click the "Actions" button on task update recommendations page. Also, you can find detailed information about adding or changing time-offs here.

Download the Gantt Chart

Clicking the "Download" button will download the project plan in PDF format.

Sorting Gantt Chart by Date

The "Sort by Date" button sorts the tasks in the Gantt Chart by their start dates. Tasks within task groups are ordered among themselves.


The Gantt Chart can be edited only by project admins. Other users cannot change the chart. Therefore, even if you are a project member with permission to edit and delete tasks, you cannot change the dates and delete a task attached to the Gantt Chart.

Add the people that you want them to be able to edit the Gantt Chart as project admins.

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