Tasks Page

To track tasks in a project.

You can use Tasks page to view, create, edit, and delete tasks. Each project has a Tasks page that shows the project's tasks. This is the page you see, when you open a project.

On the top-left of the page, there are a create new task button, a search box, a view settings button, and a filter button. On the right, there are all tasks, tasks by members, and archive page buttons.

Filter Tasks

You can use the filter button to filter tasks by assignees, owner, tag, client, creation date, completion date, start date, and deadline. You can also choose to hide subtasks, or include support request tasks.

Create Task Button

When you click on Create button in the project, Create Task Form pops up. Here, you have to add a task name to the task. The rest is optional.

Search Button

You can quickly search for tasks by their names.

Tasks Page Settings

It allows you to edit some settings for the Tasks page.

Task View

Kanban View

Task states are shown as columns. To change the state of a task, drag and drop the task card from one state to another state. Also, you can change the sorting of tasks in one column by dragging and dropping.

Above each column, there is a button (plus button) to create a new task under each state. Near the Completed state, there is another button for archiving all of the completed tasks. You can archive the entire completed tasks with one click.

You can also make changes on tasks separately by clicking three dots on the task card. You can copy a task, edit its content, change its project, archive, delete, or export it to Google Calendar if you have already integrated Cubicl and Google Calendar.

List View

In the list view, priority, state, name, deadline, progress, and assignees are shown.

Priorities are shown as colored dots at the left. In the list view, tasks are sorted by their priorities, and you can change their priorities by dragging and dropping the task.

Nearby the task name, deadlines are shown, if any. These dates are shown in red for overdue tasks, and in orange for other tasks.

If a task is placed under the task group in Gantt Chart, task groups are shown under the task name. For detailed information about task groups, have a look at the Gantt Chart page.

In the list view, you can see the progress of a task with steps. Progress is calculated automatically for them. Progress is not shown for tasks without steps. To calculate it, the weight is evenly distributed for each step. For a step with its own sub-steps, total weight equals the sum of weights of sub-steps.

Task Sorting

Sorting by Priority

On the left side of a task card, task priority is shown with colored dots. If you set sorting by priority, both in Kanban View and in List View, tasks are sorted starting from high priority to low priority. In Cubicl, red color indicates the highest, and gray color indicates the lowest level of priority.

Sort by Deadline

Both in Kanban View and in List View, you can sort tasks by their deadlines. However, tasks without a deadline are only shown in List View.

Show Images on Task Card

In Kanban View, the image of the first file you uploaded to the task can be seen on the top of the task card. In this way, you can distinguish tasks easily.

If you prefer a simple Kanban View, you can switch this feature off.

Tasks by Members

On the Tasks page, you can sort tasks by members, as well. You can assign a task from one user to another by dragging and dropping the task card. In particular, you can use this feature when a user leaves the organization and it is needed to assign her tasks to another user.

When you try to assign a task from one of the two assignees of the task to the other assignee, you will see this warning:

Task Archive

Tasks you archived in the project are listed in Archive.

If you want to restore a task, click on the Restore button that pops up when you click the task card.

NOTE: You cannot make changes on archived tasks. To make changes, you need to unarchive them first.

If you want to create a task that is the same as an archived task, to copy it, click on the Copy button that pops up when you click the task card. Create task form will pop up. After you update it, the task you created will be shown on the tasks page of a project.

When you click the Delete button, the task will be deleted.

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