First Steps in Cubicl

Create an Account and Invite Your Team

Create an account and invite your team via the registration webpage.

Update Your Profile

Click on the profile picture in the Navigation Menu. Upload a profile photo and set notification settings.

Create Projects

If you have a large number of employees or multiple departments or teams, it is recommended that you should create a project for each department, team, or project. In this way, your projects would be more organized. You can track related tasks in related projects.

If you have a small team, you can skip this step. You can create projects when you need them.

To create a project, click the New Project button in the Navigation Menu. A form will be opened.

Name your project while creating it. Projects have a hierarchical structure, which means each project is created under another project. Identify the main project. To create a project, you must add at least 1 person as a project admin. To add your team to a project, you must first invite them to the organization, and they must create a user account in Cubicl.

Assign Task

Create tasks that are already in progress or that you plan to do. First, go to the project in which you want to create a task. You will see Tasks page of the project. On this page, click Create button to create a task.

On the Create Task Form, you only need to name the task. If necessary, you can also add a description, dates, sub-steps, and assignees. The people you want to add as assignees must have been already invited to the organization and have created an account in Cubicl .

Schedule Meetings

For events such as meetings, training, etc., create tasks on the calendar.

On My Calendar or Calendar in the related project, click on the day that the calendar event will be added. Name the event on the create task form. You can also add additional information, description, and assignees.

Save Personal Tasks and Notes

My Notes on the Navigation Menu is a personal page. Other users cannot see this page. Add your personal tasks here. For example, invoices you have to pay or specific notes for your work. Or create sticky notes.

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