To collect info for tasks and for surveys.

You can use the forms to collect information about tasks, create operation forms, or conduct internal surveys.

For this, you must first activate the form feature via the organization page.

Creating a Form

You can create new forms by clicking the Add Form button on the Forms page. While creating the form, it is possible to choose which fields will be in this form, their type (such as short text, long text, date, multiple options, etc.), their order, whether they are required or not. All forms you create appear on this page.

Adding a Form to a Task

A previously created form can be added through the actions button on the task's details page. The assignees on the task can give more than one reply to the form. The replies by whom and when are recorded.

Adding a Reply to the Form

Forms added to the task appear on the task's detail page with its name, creation date, and count of responses. From the settings button on to the form, you can create a response, view the responses, or delete the replies if you are authorized.

You can reply to the questions in the form by clicking on the form. Your reply will be recorded.

Using Forms as Surveys

You can use the forms to conduct surveys within your team.

Form Permissions

  • Users who are authorized to create forms in the organization can create forms.

  • Authorized users and account managers can edit or delete forms.

  • Forms can be added to a tasks by task creators and users who create and contribute permission.

  • Anyone who views the form can fill the form.

  • Answers on the form can be viewed by users with view permissions.

  • Anyone can edit their own replies.

  • Users who reply to the form, or create the task or have the authority to edit the task can delete the given replies.

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