To track deals for your clients.

You can create deals that you offer to clients. The deals are listed according to their stages, like kanban view. You can drag and drop the deal card to change its stage.

You can archive your deals that you will not work on.

User Permissions

Users can have authority on the deals page. The permission levels are listed as follows: None, View, Contribute, Edit, and Manage.

  • None: Nobody can view or change the deals.

  • View: Users can only view a deal's information and activities.

  • Contribute: They can create deals.

  • Edit: They change deals information.

  • Manage: They can view, contribute, edit, and delete deals. Additionally, they can set user permissions for deals page. Account managers always have the manage permission. To restrict authority of them, you must first go to the organization page and remove them from the account manager.

By default, users' permission level is view and account managers' permission level is manage but you can give permissions to users individually.

Stage Settings

You can add new stages or edit default stages via stage settings.

Create and Edit a Deal

Giving a name to the deal and tagging a client are required when creating a deal. You can select the client from the existing ones or you can create a new client at create deal form. Click for more detailed information about the Clients page.

After adding the value and currency type of the deal, you decide the state of it. For example, was the offer submitted, negotiated, or accepted?

If your deal becomes an order, click on the create as order button.

Use the three dots at the deal's card to edit, make deal/order, archive, or delete it:

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