Gantt Chart

To make a project plan.

What Is Gantt Chart?

Gantt Chart is a visual task management tool that has been widely used in production and project designing until today, and it is created by Henry Gantt in the 1910s. Check Wikipedia Link to learn more.

It is quite easy to learn and use it. Once you've learned it, you will be able to plan your tasks more quickly and accurately. Gantt Chart in Cubicl is shown below. A Gantt Chart is composed of two parts:

  1. Tasks List: It is placed on the left of the chart. There is one task on each line.

  2. Time Grid Lines: It is placed on the right of the chart. It provides you a calendar view of your tasks. Here, each task is shown as a bar.

Time Grid Lines

Each day is shown as a column. You can see days and months on the time grid lines. Holidays are shown in gray columns.


In Gantt Chart, there is one task on each line and dates in each column. In lines, you can see the taskbar and assignees. So, you can control the workforce and connection between tasks to create more accurate project plans. In this way, the plan goes right, tasks are done in time, you provide efficiency, you face fewer problems with the clients, and time and money are used efficiently. If it is necessary, you can change the plan immediately.

Task Groups

It is used to group tasks connected to each other. It makes defining work packages easy. It is shown in gray bars in the picture above and it includes tasks under it.


In projects, to begin a task, another task must be done before, otherwise, you cannot continue to work on the project. In Gantt Chart, connections are used to illustrate the relationship between tasks. On the image above, you see an arrow-shaped connection between tasks. Thanks to connections, you can see relationships between tasks. Also, when the date of a task changes, the other task's date changes automatically.

Time Line

It is the purple vertical line that is on the 12 October column in the picture above. It demonstrates the current time. Tasks at the left of this line are supposed to be completed. By looking at this line, you can see which state the project is supposed to be and how many of the tasks are done in time.

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