How Do I Create a Project Plan?

NOTE: If you are not managing a project or tracking short-term tasks mostly, you do not need to create a project plan. You can track your tasks through the Tasks page.

You can create a project plan (Gantt Chart) for your projects. Each project can have only one Gantt Chart; therefore, you need to create a project for each project. You can archive them when the project is completed.

Cubicl Gantt Chart is an interactive tool. You can create a task and add it to the chart. To do this, all you need to do is to click on an empty line on the time grid of the chart or type the name of the task to New Task... field. Your tasks are shown as bars on the time grid. You can change the dates by dragging and dropping the bar, and change its deadline by pulling the right side of the bar, as well. Creating a project plan is that easy.

You can group taskbars by coloring them or creating task groups. All members of the project can view the project plan -unless you change it-, but only project admins can make changes on it. You can download the project plan as a PDF.

Gantt Chart also makes it easy to track the tasks. Overdue tasks are shown in red, active tasks are shown in blue, and completed tasks are shown in green color. If you want, you can remove completed tasks in case of using the Gantt Chart for task tracking. Removing completed tasks is not recommended for projects.

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