To track your projects' tasks on calendar.

Each project has a calendar. This calendar is used for common events that interest project members, such as meetings or training.

Displaying Calendar Events

When you open the Calendar page, you see events of the month you are in. Through the buttons above, you can change view and tasks's appearance.

For instance, you can form tasks according to their start dates, deadlines, or task duration, and you can sort them in the month, week, day, or list view mode.

Creating Task on Calendar

To create a task on the calendar, you should click the date. Task form will be opened:

General Details

Add the title and dates for the new task. When you select a start date, the deadline will be set for 1 hour later, automatically. You can change it by clicking on the deadline button, if you want.


You can add assignees. Only them will see this event on their own calendars. They get notification about adding to this event.

Editing Calendar Event

When you click on a task on the calendar, the edit form will pop up. Also, you can change dates of tasks by drag and drop the task.

Deleting Calendar Event

You can delete a calendar event by clicking on "Delete" on the task edit form.

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