Client Portal
To collect support request and communicate with the client.
The Client Portal allows you to automatically collect and track complaints, problems, requests, and suggestions from your clients. Requests created by your clients are called Support Requests. You can assign users to Support Requests, follow the process with your clients, and communicate with them.
With this feature, you provide a portal specific to your organization where your clients can contact you. Your clients can create their own user accounts in the portal. In this way:
  • You do not have to deal with creating tasks for support requests one by one.
  • All support requests are saved, so they cannot be forgotten.
  • You can find past records about the support request.
  • Who has responsibility for support requests is clear.
  • It is seen at what stage the support requests are and how long they have been waiting.
  • You interact with clients without leaving the app.
  • The most importantly, client satisfaction increases.
Client Portal Page


To communicate with your clients, you can share two different links with them: Support Form Link and Portal Link.
Cubicl provides you a Support Form Link to give to your clients. Support Form Link directs your clients to the public support form. By filling out this form, your clients can create a support request without creating an account or registering. The support form is like that:
Support Form
Your clients send the form with information such as name, surname, e-mail, subject, title, description, and file. This support request is created as a task in the related project. Assignees or project admins are notified when a support form is sent by a client:
Support Request Notification from a Client
Clicking on this notification will take you to the relevant task. You can write a reply and communicate with each other. Only the answers you make visible to the client will be seen by her.
A Support Task
When you reply to a support request, an e-mail goes to the client. By clicking the link in the e-mail, the client can see the support request and answers given by assignees. The client can reply to you.
A Support
So, within Cubicl, you can connect with the client. Support requests are recorded as a task and you can track them. Client's requests are not forgotten or your work is not interrupted by a phone call from the client.
It is recommended that you should share the Support Form link with clients to collect support requests. Also, you can add that link as a button to your website.
Portal link allows clients to create a user account on the Client Portal so they can view tasks and files shared by your organization. If you want to conduct long-term projects or works with your clients, you can share the portal link to them so they can have an account.
Portal Login Page
The portal page shows notifications, support requests, tasks, and files shared between you and your client. Your client can see the states of tasks you shared with them and can follow or unfollow tasks if they want.
Support Page of a Client
Notifications about the client's activities on the portal drop your Cubicl account. So, you can answer the client quickly. A project is completed in time. You and the client conduct a transparent communication. Tasks are not forgotten.


You can send announcements to your added clients via Cubicl. Announcements go to all e-mails you added to Cubicl.


Support Settings

Public Support Status

The public support status is turned off by default. If you want to communicate with your clients via Cubicl and collect Support Requests, you must enable public support.

Support Topics

The clients must choose a topic when creating a support request. You can select the project and assignees for topics. For example, the Sales team in the organization can deal with the "Sales" topic, and the Account team can deal with the "Invoices" topic. Or two assignees in the same project deal with all of those topics.
Support Settings
By default, there is only one support topic named "Other". Notifications about all support requests are sent to the selected project and assignees. While there is only one support topic, the list of topics is not shown in the create a support request form.
Add a New Support Topic
To add a new support topic, add the name of the support topic and the project to create support request tasks and add assignees. Assignees are automatically assigned to the support request task and receive notifications. If an assignee is not added, the notifications go to the project admin. Then, project admin can add assignees later. Yet, click the Add button to save your changes.
To edit support topics, click the pen icon, and to delete them, click the trash can.

Portal Settings

Add the organization name that appears to clients on the portal, the support page details -which is name of the form- and the note that will appear above the support form.
Portal Settings
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