Client Tracking
To add clients and track tasks about them.
On the Clients page, you can
  • add your company's clients,
  • add tasks, deals and files related to them,
  • add notes for clients,
  • view tasks and activities.
All clients of the organization are listed on the Client page. From this page, you can add new clients to your organization and view them. You can use search button to search your clients with their name, contact name, phone number or e-mail.
When you mouse-over the client, on the right side of the screen, you can see tasks, deals and recent activities on the client. You can click on the client's name and go to the client details page.
You can download the client list in Excel format.
Clients Page

Add a Client

Click the Add Client button to create a client. If you wish, you can import your clients from an excel file to Cubicl, or you can add them one by one.
Adding a Client
When you click on the Add Client button, the create client form will appear:
Create Client Form
  • Add your client's company information.
    • In Cubicl, the short name, full name, phone, and email fields are added to the form by default. If you want to add a new field to the company, click the Add New Field button.
    • Create the fields you want to add like invoice number, registration document number.
    • To delete the fields you added, mouse over and click the field on the Add New Field page and delete the field. Thus, this field will be removed from the client's form.
  • Add the contacts you communicate with.
  • Add your client's billing information.
Adding New Fields

User Permissions

Users can have authority on clients page. The permission levels are listed as follows: None, View, Contribute, Edit, and Manage.
  • None: Nobody can view or change the clients.
  • View: Users can only view client's information and activities.
  • Contribute: They can create clients and add notes.
  • Edit: They can change clients' information.
  • Delete: They can delete a client completely.
  • Manage: They can view, contribute, edit, and delete clients. Additionally, they can set user permissions for clients page. Account managers always have the manage permission. To restrict authority of them, you must first go to the organization page and remove them from the account manager.
Edit User Permissions
By default, users' permission level is the view and account managers' permission level is the manage, but you can give permissions to users individually.

Client Details

On this page, you can see the client's info, tasks, deals, notes, activities, and files of the client. On the right side of the page, the tagged deals to the client and the client-related tasks are listed. Tasks are grouped as Overdue Tasks, Pending Tasks, and Completed Tasks. Each task the client is tagged in is shown here. From this page, you can do all the client-related activities.
Client Details

Actions Menu

The client can be edited by clicking the Actions button in the client details.
You can delete the client from the edit page. Deleting the client will delete all related client activities and remove client information from all client tasks. However, the tasks will not be deleted.
Via actions button, you can also invite the client to the Client Portal. The Client Portal provides collecting support requests from your clients and sharing the task you done for your clients and the files related to them. For more detailed information, visit the Client Portal page.
You can create a task for a client by clicking the Create Task button.
Actions Menu

Adding Notes to the Client

The notes you add are shown on the client's activities page. These notes are not attached to tasks, they are just notes on the client.
Adding Note

Client Activities

Under the client's details, you can see the latest activities related to the client. When you create a new client, add a task to the client, update its details, and so on, an activity record is created for the relevant client. In this way, you can see the latest changes on her.
Activities on the Client

Client Tasks

Tasks in which clients are tagged listed here. The priority of the tasks, their states, the project they are in, their creation and completion date, their assignees, and task creator are shown.
Tasks on the Client

Client Deals

Deals on the client are listed here. Name of the creator of the deal, deal name, value, creation date, and stage are shown.
Deals on the Client

Client Files

You can upload files related to the client or create a folder about them.
NOTE: Files in tasks that the client is tagged are not uploaded here.
Files on the Client

Activities Page

On the activities page, the activities on all the clients of the organization and the notes of the users were shown.
All Activities

Adding Customer to a Task

You can add clients to the tasks you create. If you are creating a task related to a client, you can add the client by typing the client name in the client box in the task form. You can see the client of the task on the task detail page, and the client's tasks on the client detail page. Changes you make to the task will be reflected as activities on the clients' activities page.
Adding the Client Already Added
If you have not created the client you will add to the task before, you can create it through the task.
Creating New Client on Task Page

Adding a Client to a Deal

You can add clients to deals from the create offer form. If you are not added the client before, you can create a new customer by selecting the new client option.
Adding the Client to a Deal
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