Other Settings on Tasks

At Kanban view, you can click three dots on the task card to arrange some settings about the task/ tasks.


By clicking Select, you can select more than one task at the same time and archieve, edit or delete them. A window pops us at the right corner of the screen, like this:

You can move the tasks to a different status or project as clicking Move, copy multiple tasks with their sub-tasks as clicking Copy, or you can export the tasks you selected to your Google Calendar account by clicking Export to Google Calendar.

Editing a Task

You can update the previously saved task by clicking "Edit".

You can add an assignee to a task from the task details page. Clicking on the "+" button in the assignees field opens the selection menu. The users you select from the selection menu will be added to the relevant task as an assignee. If you want to delete the assignee, you can click on the small red cross button on the top right of their profile photo.

You can add clients to tasks or delete existing clients by clicking the pencil icon in the client field. When you click on any place outside the menu, your changes will be saved.

You can edit or delete dates by clicking on the dates. When you click on a place other than calendar field, the selections you make will be saved.

NOTE: To edit start dates, the task must have a start date that added before.

You can change the priority of tasks. You can select the new task priority by clicking on the priority of the task. The selections you make will be automatically saved.

Deleting a Task

You can delete your tasks. To restore deleted tasks, visit the Project Settings page.

Copying a Task

You can copy tasks. For instance, you can save the tasks that you will need again later in the project as a template, then copy that task and make changes on it and create it again.

For example, the steps that need to be done for an employee recruitment are mostly same. For this, you can create a template task with no date and no assignee. When a new employee is hiredd, click the Copy and edit details of the task. Add dates and assignees and make necessary changes. So, you do not have to create the task over and over.

Archiving the Task

You can archive tasks that you will no longer work on. You can access and unarchive your tasks in the archive later. Visit the Tasks page of the project for more detailed information.

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