Click Others on the Navigation Menu> Integration button for integrations.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a time management and calendar planning application developed by Google.

Google Calendar and Cubicl are integrated. If you want to transfer your events from Google Calendar to Cubicl and follow your tasks both in Cubicl and Google Calendar, you can share them by clicking the Link button on the Integration page.

You can also transfer a task in Cubicl to Google Calendar from the settings button on the task.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a service developed by Google that provides file backup on the cloud.

Google Drive and Cubicl are integrated. If you want to share your files in Google Drive with Cubicl, you can do it by clicking the Link button on the integrations page. After that, you will be able to share files from Google Drive to the project files page, tasks, and messages in Cubicl.

Files at Google Drive are updated immediately, thus, it is good to use for teams. You do not need to check which file is updated and which file is current; so, if you share your files in Google Drive with Cubicl, your tasks are done easily and quickly.

E-mail Accounts

You can connect your e-mail addresses to Cubicl in two different ways and create tasks from incoming e-mails.

  1. Company Email Accounts: Connect your company's general e-mail accounts such as info, support, sales, career to Cubicl. Tasks are created automatically from incoming e-mails and assigned to your team. Reply to e-mails in Cubicl. Visit Others> Email Boxes to find more detailed info.

  2. Meeting Emails: Receive notifications for meeting and event e-mails sent to your e-mail addresses (such as or, view the detail, and quickly create a task and add it to your calendar. Visit Profile> E-Mail Box Settings for detailed information.


Slack is a messaging application where you can share messages within the company.

Cubicl and Slack are integrated. If your team is using Slack, you can receive notifications on Slack for activities in Cubicl.

You'll be notified, when

  • A task is created,

  • A task is updated,

  • A task is deleted,

  • A support request is created by your client,

  • Your client responds to the support request.

To integrate Slack app with Cubicl, go to the relevant project's settings page.


Dropbox is a cloud storage service. You can attach files from Dropbox to tasks. You can attach your files to Cubicl by selecting the Dropbox option from the Upload File button on the task form or task detail.

When you attach your files from Dropbox, these files are accessed from Dropbox. Only if the relevant data is a image or video, the thumbnail is saved to Cubicl.


Webhooks allows you to integrate Cubicl with other applications. Cubicl notifies the webhook URL you added each time the type of action you chose happens.

  • When client is created,

  • When client is deleted,

  • When task is created,

  • When task is updated,

  • When task is deleted,

  • When post is created in task,

  • When task state is changed,

  • When task is archived,

  • When the task is restored, the URL you added will be notified.

You need to select the action type from the list, if you have selected an action type related to the tasks category, you must also select the project. Then you can copy and paste the webhook URL provided from the app or platform you are using into the URL field and save it. This will create a record of the webhook for the action type you selected, and Cubicl will notify this URL every time the action you select happens.

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