Search Button

The search button in the navigation menu allows you to search through all your tasks in Cubicl.

To make a task search, click on the Search button in the navigation menu.

If the search field is empty on the page that opens, your last viewed tasks will be listed here. Type your text in the search field with a minimum of 3 characters. Tasks with this text in the task name, description and post text will be listed in the search results. You can also view the tasks in the archive by clicking the Search in Archive tab.

You can open the task in the new tab by clicking on the name of the task or clicking on the Go to Task button that appears when you hover over the task with the mouse.

NOTE: There is a limit of 20 tasks for task name and description and 20 tasks for task activities in the search results. For this reason, a maximum of 40 tasks matching this text will be listed.

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