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To analyze states of tasks.
"Reports" page in the project shows statistics about the project's tasks and members, and member-based reports. On this page, by selecting a time period, you can receive information about current tasks status, statistics by time, activities, workload, and so forth.
Reports are downloaded in Excel format.


You can report tasks by their members, statuses, or clients, for a selected time period.
NOTE: To get good results from reports, you need to create tasks already, add at least deadlines to these tasks, add assignees to these tasks, and add clients, if any. Otherwise, you cannot receive these details.
Report by Statuses

Report Filters

On the Tasks tab of the reports page, you can filter the tasks by state, date, assignee, client, owner and archive status.
On the Tasks tab, which is a sub-tab of the Reports, when you click on the filter button, you can see "Add sub-projects too" button. When you select it, you can get a report of this project with sub-projects. Reporting with sub-projects gives more comprehensive results.
NOTE: If you want a comprehensive report for your whole organization, use the reports page of your main project, which is the first project after you sign in Cubicl. The main project includes all projects in your organization.
Filter by archive status

Time Tracking

You can see users spend how much time on each task or tags attached to the tasks in the time period you select.
NOTE: In order to get healthy results from the time tracking report, assignees should run the time tracker while doing the task. Otherwise, you cannot access this data.
Time Report


To view the statistics of a task, choose a time period.
Time period options: Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month, Custom.
Time Periods

Current Task Status

You view the status of the tasks in the time period.
Current Tasks Status

Statistics by Time

In this chart, you can see the activities related to the tasks in the time period you selected.
Statistics by Time Period

Task Activities by Members

You can use this chart to see statistics on a per-user basis. You can choose a time period.
Tasks Activities by Members

Workload by Days

The workload table shows the number of tasks assigned to users in a day, week, and month view.
In daily view, each cell represents a day of the week. When you hover with the mouse over a cell, the number of tasks for that day appears. The day and month of each column are shown on the table, and the date is shown when you hover the mouse over it. Gaps between cells mean it's the end of the week and the beginning of the next week.
On the table, you can see 1 week before and 4 weeks after the date you selected above. Cells are colored blue from the start date of the task to the end date; and, the color of cells gets darker as the workload increases.