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My Notes

To create little notes.
My Notes page is a page where you can keep personal tasks. This page is private, no one else can see it other than you. On the left of the page personal tasks are listed by date, while on the right, there are sticky notes. You can also see sticky notes from the right menu on the Home Page.
My Notes Page
You can track personal tasks, so you do not forget them. Your tasks are displayed as items as shown in the picture above. Tasks are sorted by date. Tasks without a deadline are shown in the dateless column.

How to Create a Note?

My Notes

If you want to create your personal notes as personal tasks, click the Add New field to take notes. The note you add will be saved automatically.
To add a description or date to the note, or to delete it, click three dots on the task card.
Edit the Note
To complete personal tasks, click the round button near the note, so, it will go to the Completed page. On this page, you can access your previously completed personal notes and tasks.
Completede Notes
You can move completed tasks back to the Notes page by clicking the green box. Or you can delete completed notes from this page.

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are small notes that are find-to-easy. You can also access them from the right menu on the Home Page.
Sticky Notes on the Right Menu
To create a sticky note, click the plus button.
To delete a sticky note, click the trash can.
Create a Note
NOTE: Sticky notes are not archived. For this reason, think twice before deleting them.